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The 6 Stroke Roll - Drumming Lessons London

Hi everyone and welcome back to Hackney Wick Drum Studio for another free taster drum lesson. Today, as a part of our course on Rudiments, we'll be taking a look at the 6 Stroke Roll. This is one of my favourite Rudiments. It has a nice even flow to it and is really easy to apply to all areas of the Drums. If you enjoy this free drum lesson and want to take the idea of the 6 Stroke Roll further, why not come for a Drum Lesson in Hackney, or get in touch with me via my website to book an online lesson. This way you can have a drum lesson with me from anywhere in the world!

So, onto todays Rudiment, which is a nice easy one. I'll be showing you the 6 Stroke roll at 3 different tempos; 60, 90 and 120 BPM. As always, its best to start off by learning the sticking slowly. Once it's in your muscle memory you'll be able to move up through the tempos in no time at all.

Like the 5 Stroke Roll last week, this can be played in a variety of ways, but today we'll mainly be focussing on one pattern.

You can see here that we're starting off with two single strokes on '1' and 'e', followed by two double strokes on '&' and 'a'. Unlike the 5 stroke roll last week, with this one we're always going to be leading with the right hand, which should in theory make this one a little easier! Let me know what you think.

Cross reference yourself playing it along with the video and make sure your sticking is correct! Take a look below to see the 6 stroke roll at 3 different tempos.


As I said before, there is another common way of playing the 6 Stroke Roll, so I've notated it below for you.

All that's changed between the first and second examples, is that now we're going to be playing the two double strokes first, followed by the singles on '&' and 'a'. Give this one a try, and when you're really confident with both, see if you can switch between two different examples. It makes for some really interesting ideas.

Thanks again for checking out another Drum Lesson in London with me, I hope you've found this one useful and I hope you agree, it's quite an easy one to master. Like I said above, if you want to take this further, by way of applying rudiments to the Drum Kit, or want help with any other aspect of your drumming, please get in touch to book a Drum Lesson, which I offer either online, or from my Drum Studio in Hackney, East London. You can now also book your Drum Lesson with a few easy clicks by heading over to my website.

Thanks again for checking out my Drumming Blog, I hope its helping you become a better drummer. If you sign up, you'll get each weekly lesson sent straight to your inbox. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP!

Come back next week when we'll be checking out the 7 Stroke Roll! (Can you see the theme starting to appear??)

Happy Drumming

Jack x

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