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Welcome to the Hackney Wick Drum Studios Drumming blog.

If you're looking for Drum Lessons, click here.

Here you'll find a page packed full of useful hints and tips to help you improve your skills as a drummer.

We try to update the blog with new content weekly, so if you're just starting out on your musical journey, this is the place to come for some awesome content. And the best part is, it's totally free.

Each free drum lesson contains a detailed description and some short beginners drum videos to help you achieve the aim of each lesson. If you work through them carefully and slowly from start to finish, you'll be playing great drums in no time.

We hope you like what you find, and if you ever have any questions, just leave a message in the comments box below and we'll get straight back to you. Alternatively, you can always send us a message via the

'Let's Chat' box or email us. 

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