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Single Stroke 7 - Drum Lesson in London

Welcome back to another free drum lesson from me here at Hackney Wick Drum Studio. This lesson is another one in a series of drum lessons focussing on Drum rudiments and how to apply them to the drum kit. As always, if you need any help with this lesson or any other areas of your playing, you can always ask me anything using the contact form on this page, email me at or simply book an online drum lesson.

In todays drum lesson, we'll be taking a look at the single stroke seven. Another widely used and great sounding drum rudiment, and the best part is it's relatively easy to pick up.

We've already covered the single stroke roll and single stroke 4 rudiments, and this is a natural follow on from there. It's basically at single stroke four but with another group of triplets added to take the number up to seven.

Let's take a look at the first example, which is written using the eighth note triplet.

You can see that on beat 1 we have a group of triplets, on beat 2 we have a group of triplets, beat 3 is a quarter note and beat four is a quarter note rest. We would count this bar


Like I've said in nearly every drum lesson up to this point, the key to getting it to sound good is the smoothness of the notes. This is always even more important when I comes to playing triplet groupings.


Now that you've got that one mastered, let's try it using sixteenth notes.

I would count this one 1-TRIP-LET-AND-TRIP-LET 2, and then repeat the same counting for beats 3 and 4. Its a little strange at first, but you've essentially got 6 notes or 2 triplets on beat 1, and that's followed by a quarter note on beat 2.

You'll see on the notation above that I've written it with all right hand leads, but you can also practice alternating it so that it switches between right and left hand leads within itself. The sticking for this would be as follows.

As the tempo gets quicker, you might find this one easier as you won't have all the beats starting with the right hand. Its also good practice to start learning to lead with the left hand, as this means that both you hands should start to progress at the same pace.


It's a good fun one to mess around with, so why not see where your creativity takes you and let me know in the comments below.

If you'd like a lesson tailored specifically to you, on how to apply this rudiment to the Drum Kit, or any other area of you playing, read on below and I'll tell you how you can go about it book a Drum Lesson with me.

That's it for another drum rudiment lesson with Jack at Hackney Wick Drum Studio. If you're looking for a drum teacher in London, get in touch with me at or simply book online. I also offer online drum lessons and courses via Zoom/Skype, so wherever you are in the world, get in touch for more information and I'll help you improve your drumming today.

I hope you've enjoyed another free drum lesson and I'll be back next time taking your through the triple stroke roll.

See you then, happy drumming!

Jack x

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