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The benefits of Drumming

Hi, welcome to Hackney Wick Drum Studio. In todays blog post I'll be listing some of the benefits of drumming.

Focus the mind

Whatever your skill level, whether a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, drumming boasts a wealth of physical and mental benefits. One of the biggest benefits I've found is on the mental side of things. It focuses the mind on the moment and will make you forget about everything else going on in the world around you. No matter what you are playing, you'll find yourself transported away from the daily stresses of life and put into a place where for the moment, nothing else matters.

Keep fit

It's been said that over the course of 90 minutes, a drummer can burn through as many calories as a premiership footballer. This obviously can vary depending on your level of playing, how hard and how fast you play but it is a great way to keep fit. You'll be using your entire body the whole time so it's perfect for an all round work out and it definitely beats standing around in the park with your shorts on!


For most people, music is there number one go to if they're feeling anxious, nervous or depressed. The same goes for drumming. Whether you sit behind the kit for minutes or hours, you don't have to say a word to express your feelings. Whether you're angry, sad, happy or depressed, drumming is a great way to get yourself feeling good again.

Motor Skills

Theres no better way of developing your hand eye coordination and four way limb independence than drumming. A little like spinning plates, to be able to keep all things moving at the same time takes some doing. Drummers have been proven to have a higher degree of control over their motor functions swell as increased dexterity in normal day to day tasks. If you want to try some exercises for yourself to test your level of independence, check out the lesson here.

Stimulate yourself

Many people talk of the highs they feel after exercise, and drumming is no different. The brain releases feel good endorphins during and after playing, leaving you in a happy and confident mood. I can guarantee as well that after every lesson or practice session, you'll have learnt something new as well, so not only to you benefit mentally and physically, you'll be a better drummer for it.


Drummers come in all shapes and forms. Whether you're hyperactive, shy, a loud or a quiet person, we all know we can have a little self doubt from time to time. Drumming is great way to overcome this. By committing your time to learning things correctly can give you an enormous feeling of self worth and pride. Whether you intend to just play drums in your room or have a goal of playing to packed festivals or stadiums, the feelings that drumming can give you you'll find nowhere else.

Meet new people

Whether it's just connecting with your local drum teacher, starting a band with your school friends, going to music school or becoming a full blown session musician, I can guarantee that whichever path you take you'll meet some amazing people along the way. It might just be a fan of your band in the local pub, or a producer that likes your style and puts you a hit record, you'll never forget the people you meet or the experiences you have along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. My name's Jack and i'm a drum teacher based in Hackney Wick London. If you're interested in drum lessons whether it's in my drum studio or you'd like to discuss online drum lessons then please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Drumming, Jack xx


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