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Student Testimonials

This is my first year learning to play drums and Jack has been the perfect teacher in instilling confidence, teaching me solid foundations and keeping me motivated. The lessons are a great balance of fun pieces to play and the theory that underpins them. Jack is a very supportive teacher and knows how to have a laugh as well. I have had lessons both in his well kitted studio as well as online and I would recommend both very highly.

Thomas Mcleod

100% recommend! I started drum lessons with Jack just under a month ago, and after my first lesson wanted to buy a drum kit. Jack is honestly a great teacher, goes at your pace and makes you feel encouraged when you play. He is always giving feedback (in a positive manner) and allows you to expand your knowledge and be the best drummer that you can be- answering any questions you may have and thoroughly explaining the pieces. Also, after each week Jack provides you with resources (music sheets, videos, blogs...etc) to help you practice when you’re away from the studio which I find really useful. Honestly, after a long week at uni, having to travel the 2 hours to this studio is defo worth it and I always look forward to the next lesson. Thanks Jack, for being a great teacher!

Emma Mackay

I just started taking lessons with Jack about a month ago and could not be happier he makes every session fun and you leave feeling accomplished. He is so good at explaining, makes every lesson fun, and I leave feeling positive and inspired after ever session. I would highly recommend!

Lauren Karl

My daughter is really happy with her lessons and i am amazed at the progress she has made. I would reccomend Jack and Hackney Wick Drum Studio without hesitation.

Graham Prince

Jack is a really great teacher. Despite being a great drummer he hasn’t lost sight of the difficulties that beginners encounter when they start drumming, which means that he’s developed a way of explaining everything in a way that makes sense and is not over-complicated. It also means he’s patient and you don’t feel too self-conscious or stressed out during a lesson with him, even when you’re constantly messing up. He even provides support beyond the lesson themselves! Alongside my first 8 lessons, he provided me with links to blog posts that he wrote to accompany the beginners’ things we just covered. Those were super useful and really made me feel like he’s invested in the student’s success! Even though taking drumming lessons (or any music lessons really) can be quite pricey, if you get a teacher like Jack it’s really worth it. Highly recommend!

Carmen Priotto

I was a beginner and the lessons at Hackney Drum Studio have given me the confidence to really accomplish musically in such a short space of time. The teaching is patient, detailed and practical. The encouragement I have got here has made learning the drums a joy, and I couldn’t recommend this studio more. The teacher goes at your pace and adapts to your learning style. Highly recommend.

Holly Race Roughan

I started lessons with Jack in January and am loving it. He is friendly, patient and attentive, and my confidence is growing every week. I'm excited to keep progressing. Highly recommended.

Lucy Chappel

I started as a complete beginner and have really enjoyed my lessons! It feels well-paced, thought-out and digestible. Jacko is a lovely guy and very encouraging - highly recommended

Richard Jones

Started lessons here about a year into playing drums. Jack has been very helpful in helping improve my playing. The studio itself is well equipped, with two drumkits, one for you and one for Jack.

Andrew Chan

To become one of my many satisfied students, why not book a lesson today?

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